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  مقالات انگلیسی

* Relationship of sperm DNA fragmentation, apoptosis and dysfunction of mitochondrial membrane potential with semen parameters and ART outcome after intracytoplasmic sperm injection

* Perceptions of Medical Sciences Students Towards Probiotics

* Omega-3 fatty acids are protective against paclitaxel-induced peripheral neuropathy: A randomized double-blind placebo controlled trial

* Effects of omega−3 fatty acids supplementation on serum adiponectin levels and some metabolic risk factors in women with polycystic ovary syndrome

The Association between Diet Quality Indices and Obesity: Tehran Lipid and Glucose Study

Analysis of psychological characteristics and criminal history of intravenous drug abusers in Iran

* Evaluating the Effect of Resection on the Sealing Ability of MTA and CEM Cement
* Weight Gain During Pregnancy and Birth Weight Outcome In Pregnant Women tabriz iran
* Does the prognosis of colorectal cancer vary with tumor site?
* Examining Diagnostic Value of the Fasting Plasma Glucose in Screening Gestational Diabetes
* Addiction Relapse and Its Predictors: A Prospective Study Validity and reliability of the Iranian version

* Validity and reliability of the Iranian version of the Pediatric Quality of Life Inventory™ 4.0 (PedsQL™) Generic Core Scales in children

* Diagnostic value of anthropometric indices for initial stage of atherosclerosis in adult women

* Common MEFV mutations in Iranian Azeri Turkish patients with Behçet's disease

Interleukin-1 beta, interleukin-6 and TGF-beta in follicular tissue of impacted third molars

Feasibility, reliability and validity of the Iranian version of the Diabetes Quality of Life Brief Clinical Inventory (IDQOL-BCI)

Self-reported Use and Attitudes Regarding Herbal Medicine Safety During Pregnancy in Iran

Predictors of Transition in Different Stages of Smoking: A Longitudinal Study

Reality about migration of the nucleus pulposus within the intervertebral disc with changing postures

Epidemiology of neuro-genetic disorders in northwestern iran

Congenital anomalies and termination of pregnancy :a case study in iran

The influence of active transport systems on morphine -6-glucuronide transport in MDCKII and MDCK-PGP cells

Tourette's Syndrome, Chronic Tics, and Comorbid Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in Elementary Students

Risk factor investigation for cardiovascular health through WHO STEPS approach in Ardabil, Iran

Stress disorder and PTSD after burn injuries: a prospective study of predictors of PTSD at Sina Burn Center, Iran

The Source of Natural Arsenic Contamination in Groundwater West of Iran

Age pattern of the occurrence of breast cancer in the northwest of Iran

Prevalence, influencing factors and control of food insecurity: a model in the northwest of Iran

Folic Acid and Birth Defects: A Case Study (Iran)

* Effects of basil, Ocimum basilicum on spermatogenesis in rats

* Effect of Exercise on Psychological Well-being in T2DM

* Effect of rosmarinic acid on sexual behavior in diabetic male

* Effect of Ocimum basilicum on apoptosis in testis of rats after exposure to electromagnetic field

* The effect of breastfeeding oral sucrose and combination of oral sucrose and breastfeeding in infants pain relief during vaccination

* Examining Diagnostic Value of the Fasting Plasma Glucose in Screening Gestational Diabetes

* Does the prognosis of colorectal cancer vary with tumor site?

* Evidence of active transport involvement in morphine transport via MDCKII and MDCK-PGP cell lines

* Emergency department patient satisfaction survey in imam reza hospital Tabriz iran

* Monitoring of congenital anomalies in developing countries: a pilot model in iran

* Transitions between the stages of smoking in Iranian adolescents

* Early diagnosis and screening of congenital cardiac anomalies

* An unusual time pattern of central nervous system anomalies in Northwestern Iran

* Influence of moon phases on serum level of sodium and lithium: a quasi-experimental study on rabbits

* Serum lipase concentration in chronic hemodialysis patients

* Antioxidant effect of ginger to prevents lead-induced liver tissue apoptosis in rat

* Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder in primary school children of Tabriz, North-West Iran

* Monitoring and enforcement of the salt iodization programme in Tabriz, Islamic Republic of Iran: a successful experience

* We noticed that suddenly the country has become full of MRI". Policy makers' views on diffusion and use of health technologies in Iran

* Childhood cancer in Iran

* How valid are the rates of Down syndrome internationally? Findings from the International Clearinghouse for Birth Defects Surveillance and Research

* Is there an outbreak of neural tube defects happening in Iraq?

* A new registry of congenital anomalies in iran

* Changes in plasma taurine concentration during a period of heroin detoxification

* Impact of anti-cancer drugs and other determinants on serum protein binding of morphine 6-glucuronide

* Pharmacokinetics of Oral Taurine in Healthy Volunteers

* Prevalence of hypertension and associated variables in hospital staff in Iran

* Unintentional carbon monoxide poisoning in Northwest Iran: A 5-year study

* Contextual adaptation of the Personnel Evaluation Standards for assessing faculty evaluation systems in developing countries: the case of Iran

* Developing health science students into integrated health professionals: a practical tool for learning

* The status of faculty development programmes in Iran after the medical education reform: a systematic and comprehensive approach

* Common Mediterranean Fever Gene Mutations in the Azeri Turkish Population of Iran

* TNF-α gene polymorphisms in Iranian Azeri Turkish patients with Behcet's Disease

* Does an outcome-based approach to continuing medical education improve physicians' competences in rational prescribing?

* A Rapid Determination of Taurine in Human Plasma by LC

* Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic study of morphine and morphine 6-glucuronide after oral and intravenous administration of morphine in children with cancer

* Study of awareness among pregnant women of the effects of drugs on the fetus and mother in Iran

* A new role for Women Health Volunteers in urban Islamic Republic of Iran

* Physician order entry or nurse order entry? Comparison of two implementation strategies for a computerized order entry system aimed at reducing dosing medication errors

* Organizational culture, values, and routines in Iranian medical schools

* Women's perceptions of quality of family planning services in Tabriz, Iran

* Comparative Study of Aminoglycosides (Gentamicin & Streptomycin) and Fluoroquinolone (Ofloxacin) Antibiotics on Testis Tissue in Rats:
Light and Transmission Electron Microscopic Study

* Effect of Dietary and Topical Celecoxib on Expression of bcl-2, bax, c-erb-B2 and Ki67 in Carcinogen-Induced Tongue Carcinoma in Rat

* Ultra structural study of gentamicin and ofloxacin effect on testis tissue in rats: Light and transmission electron microscopy

* Injury incidence, healthcare consumption and avenues for prevention: a household survey on injury in rural Twiserkan, Iran

* Barriers to high-quality primary reproductive health services in an urban area of Iran: views of public health providers

Effect of a peer-educational intervention on provider knowledge and reported performance in family planning services: a cluster randomized trial

The challenge of medical waste management: a case study in northwest Iran-Tabriz

The requirements and challenges in preventing of road traffic injury in Iran. A qualitative study

Post-crash management of road traffic injury victims in Iran. Stakeholders' views on current barriers and potential facilitators

* Traffic injury deaths in West Azarbaijan province of Iran: a cross-sectional interview-based study on victims' characteristics and pre-hospital care

Self-Medication and Storage of Drugs at Home Among the Clients of Drugstores in Tabriz

* Community genetic services for congcnital anomalies and genetic disorders in the northwest of Iran



Human Resource Management and Productivity: Situational Analysis of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Iran, 2008

Medical Training and Web Based E-Learning: Comparative Study of Medical Students’ Training by Distant Learning System

Mechanisms of Exercise-Induced Glucose Uptake: Evidences and Hypothesises

Melasma and its association with different types of nevi in women: A case-control study

The risks of using samovars as the main tea-preparing facility in some Eastern countries

Rapid and sensitive quantitation of morphine using HPLC with electrochemical detection

* Customer quality in health care

* Day Hospitals and Cost of Effective Treatment

* Epidemiologic and Clinical Characteristics of Migraine and Tension-Type Headaches among Hospitals Staffs of Shiraz (Iran)

* Characterization of medical waste from hospitals in Tabriz, Iran

* Effect of interactive group discussion among physicians to promote rational prescribing

* Internship Orientation Program of Dietary Students and PBL Effectiveness

* Assessing emotional intelligence and its relationship with demographic factors of nursing students

* Adverse effects of ciprofloxacin on testis apoptosis and sperm parameters in rats


* Histopathologic Effects of Sulfur Dioxide in Mouse Liver Following the Chronic and Acute Exposure

* Comparative Study of the Effects of Gentamicin, Neomycin, Streptomycin and Ofloxacin Antibiotics on Sperm Parameters and Testis Apoptosis in Rats

* Histopathological Effect of Enalapril Maleate on Fetal Heart in Rat

* Evaluation of androgenic activity of allium cepa on spermatogenesis in the rat

* Pre and post natal exposure of 50 Hz electromagnetic fields on prostate glands of rats: an electron microscopy study

* The effects of Ginger on spermatogenesis and sperm parameters of rat

* Identifying outcome-based indicators and developing curriculum for a continuing medical education programmed on rational prescribing using a modified Delphi process

* Factors influencing the quality of medical documentation when a paper-based medical records system is replaced with an electronic medical records system: An Iranian case study

* What they fill in today, may not be useful tomorrow: Lessons learned from studying Medical Records at the Women hospital in Tabriz, Iran

* CPOE in Iran—A viable prospect?: Physicians’ opinions on using CPOE in an Iranian teaching hospital

* Unintentional injuries in the rural population of Twiserkan, Iran: A cross-sectional study on their incidence, characteristics and preventability

* Requirements for effective academic leadership in Iran: A nominal group technique exercise

Opinions about potential causes and triggers of intimate partner violence against women: a population-based study among married men from Kermanshah city, Iran

Opinions of married women about potential causes and triggers of intimate partner violence against women. A cross-sectional investigation in an Iranian city

* Quality of family planning services at primary care facilities in an urban area of East Azerbaijan, Iran

Diffusion of interferon beta in Iran and its utilization in Tehran

How is magnetic resonance imaging used in Iran?

* Organization role stress among medical school faculty members in iran


Can rational prescribing be improved by an outcome-based educational approach? A randomized trial completed in Iran

Estimating road traffic mortality more accurately: use of the capture-recapture method in the West Azarbaijan province of Iran

Self-medication status among referring patients to tabriz pharmacies

* Survey of effects of electromagnetic firlds on prostate in rat by photomicroscope

* High risk Behaviors and Attitudes of secondary school students in tabriz toward adarugs of Abuse

* Epidemiology of childhood Guillan-Barre syndrome in the north west of Iran

* Epidemiology of Food Insecurity in the North West of Iran

Cardiac risk factor changes through an intensive multifactorial life style modification program in CHD patients : Results from a TWO Year follow up

* In-country capacity development of a training institute:an Iranian experience

* Epidemiology of Kaposi’s sarcoma in iran:1984-2006

Implementation of comprehensive national cancer control program in iran:an experience in a developing country

* Sporotrichosis in Iran

* Tinea unguium in the North-West of Iran (1996-2004)

Organizational role stress among medical school faculty members in Iran: dealing with role conflict

Predicting the Incidence of Self- Injury in Iranian High School Students

* The effect of swimming in reduction of depression in university male students

Time-To-Pregnancy in Tabriz's Women, 2004

The Survey of Lifestyle Girl and Boy Students Resident in Dormitories of Tehran University of Medical Sciences

* Mental Health Status of Hospitals Staff in Iran

* Smoking and Lumbar Disc Degeneration: A Case-Control Study among Iranian Men Referring to Lumbar MRI

* Effect of Diagnostic Brain MRI on Depression Score in Patients with Major Depression

* The Effects Electromagnetic Field on the Microstructure of seminal vesicles in Rat:Alight and transmission electron microscope study

* Public Private Participation: The Improved Model of Co-Operative to Manage PHC Services in Iran

* Capacity development in health system through management effectiveness program: the evaluation of mep initiative in tabriz university if medical sciences in iran

Evaluating facial cryotherapy for postoperative sequelae of third molar surgery: A randomized observer-blind split mouth clinical trial

Health sector reform and capacity development: An Iranian experience of training centre on health management

* The Effect of Participatory Education on Attitude of School Personnel towards HIV/AIDS

* Abnormal Spinal Curvature as a Risk Factor for Pelvic Organ Prolapse

* The Policy Analysis on `The Broad Approach to Investment Lending

* Inappropritness Admissions and Inpatients in Imam Khomeini Hospital of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences

* Awareness of Aging Workers about Health Effects of Lifestyle

* Physical Activity Level of Tabriz Teenagers

* Assessment of Low Back Pain and Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) Risk Factors in Regards to Postural Behavior among Teenagers, East Azerbaijan, Iran

* Accident Risk Behaviors of Tabriz Teenagers

* Assessing Social Behaviors of High School Teenagers of Tabriz-Iran

The Study of Health Information System Performance from Managers and Experts' Viewpoints

* Relationship between job characteristics with the personnel burnout

* Diffusion of magnetic resonance imaging in iran

* Attitudes, High-Risk Behaviors and Interaction with Others in Substance Abuse in the Tabriz`s High School Students

* Effectiveness of Training on Performance of Public and Private Gynecologic Service Providers in Infection Control in Iran

The study of health information system performance from manager and experts viewpoint

* Maternity and child health care services delivered by public health centers compared to health cooperatives iran s experience

* Opinions of an Iranian nursing faculty on barriers to implementing problem – based learning

* Congenital anomalies in iran:a cross – sectional study on 1574 cases in the north – west of country

Prevalence of obesity food choices and socio-economic status: a cross- sectional study in the north-west of iran

Sensitivity and specificity of a short questionnaire for food insecurity surveillance in iran

* The Use- Effectiveness of Combining Three Contraceptive

* Prevalence of cesarean section and its demographic correlates in Tabriz, 2004

Practice of staff of peditric wards about communication with children during procedures in Tabriz

* Multivariate analysis of psychological factors related to adolescent smoking

* The prevalence of smoking and its personal and environmental factors in Tabrizian adolescen

Epidemiology of self- immolation in the north – west of iran

Incidence survival Patten and prognosis of self – immolation :a case study in iran

* Prevalence of unwanted pregnancy and multivariate analysis of its correlates

Personal and Environmental Predictors of Transition in Different Stages of Cigarette Smoking

Comparative study of climacteric symptoms in perimenopausal and postmenopausal women in Tabriz, Islamic Republic of Iran

* changes in plasma concentration of taurine in stroke

Determaination of glyceryl trinitrate and its two main metabolites in human plasma using a new sensitive gas chromatography method

Beliefs and practices of Iranian pregnant mothers regarding vitamins and minerals

A survey on the consumption knowledge and attitude of pregnant women toward the effects of folic acid on pregnancy outcome in iran

Patients’ report of statins use and side-effects in asample of hospitalized cardiac patients in the IslamicRepublic of Iran
The prevalence of asthma ، allergic rhinitis ، and eczema among middle school students in Tabriz (northwestern iran)

Anti-oxidative effects of citro flavonoids on spermatogenesis in rat


A rare case report of subscapular artery

* Characteristics of unintentional carbon monoxide poisoning in Northwest Iran – Tabriz

* prevalence of metabolic syndrome in an elderly population of tabriz iran

* Metal Contamination and the Epidemic of Congenital Birth Defects in Iraqi Cities

* Survival Rate and Prognostic Factors of Esophageal Cancer in East Azerbaijan Province, North-west of Iran

* Plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 gene polymorphism in Iranian Azeri Turkish patients with FMF disease and its association with amyloidosis

* Congenital Anomalies and Termination of Pregnancy in Iran

* The Modeling of Relationship Between Motivational Factors and Increasing Employee’s Efficiency in a University of Medical Sciences of a Province in Iran

Effects of submaximal aerobic exercise on thyroid hormones in hypoxic conditiond in trained young men

* Epidemiology of neuro-genetic disorders in Northwestern Iran

Personal and organizational predictors of physicians’ knowledge, attitudes and practices related to medical waste management in Mazandaran province (northern Iran)

Developing the Use of Quality Indicators in Sterilization Practices

Characterization of industrial waste from a natural gas distribution company and management strategies: a case study of the East Azerbaijan Gas Company (Iran)

The Effects of Massage with Coconut and Sunflower Oils on Oxygen Saturation of Premature Infants with Respiratory Distress Syndrome Treated With Nasal Continuous Positive Airway Pressure
* community genetic services in iran

* Errors of oral medication administration in a patients with eternal feeding tube

Socio-demographic characteristics of the addicted inmates of Qom and Tabriz prisons in Iran

Heavy Metals Concentrations in Groundwater Used for Irrigation 
A Systematic Review of the Effect of Payment Mechanisms on Family Physicians Service Provision and Referral Rate Behavior

* Organizational Facilitators and Barriers to Implementing Effective Clinical Audit: Systematic Review

Effect of Lovastatin Therapy and Withdrawal on Serum Uric Acid Level in People With Type 2 Diabetic Nephropathy

The use of schoolbags and musculoskeletal symptoms among primary school children: are the recommended weight limits adequate?

* Heavy metals pollution in the soils of suburban areas in big a cities: case study

* A Systematic Review of the Effect of Payment Mechanisms on Family Physicians Service Provision and Referral Rate Behavior

* Effects of Zinc Supplementation on the Anthropometric Measurements, Lipid Profiles and Fasting Blood Glucose in the Healthy Obese Adults

Islam and addiction

* Abuse to Elders Living with Family in Iran-Tabriz

Effect of Aerobic Activities in Hypoxia Situations on Interleukin-6 and Interleukin-10 Serums of Active Young Men

* Prioritizing Public- Private Partnership Models for Public Hospitals of Iran Based on Performance Indicators

Iranian Expert Opinion about Necessary Criteria for Hospitals Management Performance Assessments

Factors Influencing the Job Satisfaction of Health System Employees in Tabriz, Iran

Omega-3 Fatty Acids Improve Glucose Metabolism without Effects on Obesity Values and Serum Visfatin Levels in Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

* Pattern Of Hookah Smoking in Tabriz Iran

* Prevalence of professional burnout and its related factors among nurses in Tabriz in 2010

Knowledge, attitude and practice of pharmacists and health-care workers regarding oral contraceptives correct usage, side-effects and contraindications

* Evaluation of point-of-use drinking water treatment systems’ performance and problems

Effects of High Performance Inulin Supplementation on Glycemic Status and Lipid Profile in Women with Type 2 Diabetes: A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial

* Environmental Health Problems and Indicators in Tabriz, Iran

* Antenatal Micronutrient Supplementation Relationship with Child-ren's Weight and Height from Birth up to the Age of 18 Months

attitudes  of emergency medicine physicians towards family presence during resuscitation 

* Study Designs in Genetic Epidemiology

* Study of Patient Pain Management after Heart Surgery

* Tabriz Registry of Congenital Anomalies: A report of 10 years of monitoring birth defects in Iran
* A probe-oriented review on knowledge managed management research at psychological clinics and health centers

* Technical Quality of Maternity Care: the Pregnant Women’s Perspective

* Development of Performance Indicators for Patient and Public Involvement in Hospital: Expert Consensus Recommendations Based on the Available Evidence

* Customer quality and maternity care in Tabriz urban health centers and health posts

* Comparing Technical Quality Assessment Methods for Measuring Quality of Healthcare: Systematic Review

* Presentation of a Management Practice with Public-Private Cooperation in TB-DOTS in Tabriz, Iran

* Developing Indicators of Service Quality Provided for Cardiovascular Patients Hospitalized in Cardiac Care Unit

* Information Therapy (Ix) and Information Prescription:A Systematic Review

* Content of clinical audit programs affecting its effectiveness: A systematic review

* Clinical Governance in Primary Care; Principles, Prerequisites and Barriers: a Systematic Review

* The Assessment of Needed Workload for Manpower Approximation in Health Houses in Iran‘s Villages

* Heavy Metals in the Vegetables Collected from Production Sites

* Job Satisfaction Differences between Primary Health Care and Treatment Sectors: An Experience from Iran

Comparison of Dietary Pattern in Different Provinces of Iran

Omega-3 Fatty Acids Improve Glucose Metabolism without Effects on Obesity Values and Serum Visfatin Levels in Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome 

Identifying and priority setting indicators of integration and integrable units in hospitals of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences from the perspective of health experts

*  Neck, shoulder and low back pain in secondary schoolchildren in relation to schoolbag carriage: Should the recommended weight limits be gender-specific?

 Infrastructure of health tourism admission at health centers in Kermanshah educational hospitals 

 Factors Affecting Successful Smoking Cessation: Patient Views Regarding Determinants of Successful Smoking Cessation- A study from East Azerbaijan, Tabriz  Iran

* The effect of injection duration and injection site on pain and bruising of subcutaneous injection of heparin

* Prevalence of Congenital Anomalies: A Community-Based Study in the Northwest of Iran

* Perception and expectation of Iran neonatal transport expert regard to developing neonatal transport system in Iran: a qualitative research

* Services quality for people with rheumatoid arthritis: Iranian patients' perspective



* Removal of Arsenic (III, V) from aqueous solution by nanoscale zero-valent iron stabilized with starch and carboxymethyl cellulose



* Developing indicators to improve educational governance in hospitals

Quality modeling of drinking groundwater using GIS in rural communities, northwest of Iran

Anethum graveolens L. supplementation has anti-inflammatory effect in type2 diabetic patients

* Effect of Beta Glucan on Quality of Life in Women With Breast Cancer Undergoing Chemotherapy: A Randomized Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial



* Barriers to evidence-based medicine: a systematic review 

* Effectiveness of chamomile tea on glycemic control and serum lipid profile in patients with type 2 diabetes

* Preparation and priority setting of clinical governance performance indicators in dimensions of risk management and clinical effectiveness from the healthcare staff viewpoints

*  Development of Financial Indicators of Hospital Performance

* Tabriz Clinical Governance Research Project (TCGRP): Study Protocol

* Data Collection Patterns in Hospitals of Tabriz 

* Comparison of Knowledge of Oral Contraceptive Pills User Women, Who Received their Medication from Pharmacies or Health Care Centers

*   Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Methods of Hospitals' Downsizing: A Narrative Systematic Review

Anethum Graveolens supplementation improves insulin sensitivity and lipid abnormality in type 2 diabetic patients

 Study Designs in Genetic Epidemiology 

* How Accurate Is Diagnosis of Congenital Anomalies Made by Family Physicians?

*   Rapid and simultaneous genotypic detectionof Rifampin-Isoniazid and Ethambutol resistantMycobacterium tuberculosis by use of MAS-PCR

Epidemiologic and Demographic Characteristics of a Hemodialysis Patient in Quchan, Iran

* Association Between Dietary Patterns and Serum Leptin-to-Adiponectin Ratio in Apparently Healthy Adults


* A pilot study of synbiotic supplementation on breast milk mineral concentrations and growth of exclusively breast fed infants

* The effect of Elaeagnus angustifolia L. whole fruit and medulla powder on women with osteoarthritis of the knee: A randomized controlled clinical trial

* Effects of Elaeagnus angustifolia L. supplementation on serum levels of inflammatory cytokines and matrix metalloproteinases in females with knee osteoarthritis

* Effect of Lovastatin in Prevention of Renal Lesions Due to Complete Unilateral Ureteral Obstruction in Rats

* Socio-Demographic Factors Affecting the Prevalence of Tuberculosis in Iran

* Effect of Olea europaea Extract on Male Rats’ Reproductive Parameters

* Effect of Respiratory Rehabilitation Before Open Cardiac Surgery on Respiratory Function: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Customer Quality and Rheumatoid Arthritis in the Iranian Patient’s Perspective: A Cross-Sectional Study

Development and Psychometric Properties of a New Tool to Assess Justification and Practice of Patient Rights (JPPR) 

* Discharge against Medical Advice: An Interventional Study

* Experiences of adult smokers from the concepts of smoking: A content analysis

Kappa Agreement of Emergency Department Triage Scales: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

* Satisfaction and Perception of Emergency Department Personnel on Electronic Triage System

* Maternal Age and Birth defects in Iran

* Minimum Data Set for Cystic Fibrosis Registry: a Case Study in Iran

* Prevalence and Risk Factors of Consanguineous Marriage

* Safety of liver function monitoring every 3 months in patients treated with low dose methotrexate

* A Scientometric Analysis of Problem-Based Learning in Medical Education in Medline and Web of Science

* Determining Information Literacy Competency of Faculty Members in Using Medical Information Resources

* The Efficacy of Written Information Intervention in Reduction of Hospital Re-admission Cost in Patients With Heart Failure; A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

* Arsenic Intake through Consumed Rice in Iran: Markets Role or Government Responsibility

* Effect of exposure to O3, NO2, and SO2 on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease hospitalizations in Tabriz, Iran

* Removal of Fluoride from Water Using an Activated Alumina Modified with Iron Compounds

* Initiation and Continuation of Smoking in Iran: A Qualitative Content Analysis

* Pattern of Use of Earphone and Music Player Devices among Iranian Adolescents

* A Systematic Review of Factors Leading to Discharge against Medical Advice

* Quality of Angiography Services as Perceived by the Cardiovascular Diseases Patient

* Developing performance indicators for clinical governance in dimensions of risk management and clinical effectiveness

* Challenges and Potential Drivers of Accreditation in the Iranian Hospitals

* Clinical Audit of Emergency Department Triage: The Impact of Interventional Strategies

* Effect of Zinc Supplementation on Insulin Resistance, Energy and Macronutrients Intakes in Pregnant Women with Impaired Glucose Tolerance

* Development and Application of an Indicator for Reliable Survey of Patient Complaint Data

* Prevalence and Determinants of Child Marriage

* An Analytical Comparison of the Opinions of Physicians Working in Emergency and Trauma Surgery Departments at Tabriz and Vienna Medical Universities Regarding Family Presence during Resuscitation

* Depiction of Trends in Administrative Healthcare Data from Hospital Information System

* High Risk Infants Follow-Up: A Case Study in Iran

* Improving adolescents’ health by identifying behavioral risk factors and protective factors

* Discharge against Medical Advice (DAMA) in Hospitals of Tabriz, Iran

* Natural Arsenic Pollution and Hydrochemistry of Drinking Water of an Urban Part of Iran

* Safety of less frequent monitoring of liver transaminases levels in rheumatic patients treated with low-dose methotrexate

* Service Quality for people with type 2 diabetes in Tabriz, Iran: the patients' perspective

* Effect of Fenugreek Seeds on Serum Metabolic Factors and Adiponectin Levels in Type 2 Diabetic Patients

* The Efficacy of Digital Case Scenario Versus Paper Case Scenario On Clinical Reasoning in Problem-Based Learning: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

* How Evaluation and Audit Is Implemented in Educational Organizations? A Systematic Review

* Preoperative Education and Decreasing Preoperative Anxiety Among Children Aged 8 - 10 Years Old and Their Mothers

* Association of Sleep Quality and Waking Time with Prediabetes: The Qazvin Metabolic Diseases Study, Iran

* Relationship Between Psychiatric Distress and Criminal History Among Intravenous Drug Abusers in Iran

* Effects of Elaeagnus angustifolia L. powder supplementation on serum total antioxidant capacity and malondialdehyde levels in females with knee osteoarthritis

* In vitro toxicity assay of cisplatin on mouse acute lymphoblastic leukaemia and spermatogonial stem cells

* The Effect of Non-ionizing Electromagnetic Field on Oocyte Apoptosis in Rats by Tunel Method

* Cigarette Smoking and its Relationship with Perceived Familial Support and Religiosity of University Students in Tabriz

* Challenges of the New Iranian Accreditation System Based on the Requirements of the International Society for Quality in Healthcare (ISQua)

* Inter-rater Reliability of Triages Performed by the Electronic Triage System

* Patient’s Perception and Expectation of Service Quality in an Endoscopic Ward

* Nursing experiences of clinical governance implementation: a qualitative study






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